Webinar Series 10 – Climate Resilience - Pacific Youth Pathway to COP26

Webinar 10

The 2021 Pacific Resilience Meeting recognized that youths are actively engaged in building resilience communities. It also recognizes that young people will be the lightning rod of the Pacific, therefore youth voice is instrumental to decision making and policy development.

This webinar had the following objectives:

  1. Serve as an information session for COP26 including its aim and objectives.
  2. Reinforcing the PRM outcome statement including the PRM youth outcome statement and how it can be used to align to COP26 priorities, to amplify the Pacific voice on building climate resilience in the Pacific.
  3. To support and strengthen the Pacific engagement building up to COP26 through working with national Governments and supporting engagement by civil society.
  4. Align the youth voice as one Pacific voice to complement Governments and regional priorities in the build up to the COP26 as a mechanism to profile and strengthen the Pacific engagement.

View the recording here