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Welcome to PRP

The Pacific Resilience Partnership (PRP) is the umbrella implementation mechanism for the Framework for Resilience Development in the Pacific (FRDP) and was established in 2017.

The FDRP provides high level strategic guidance to different stakeholder groups on how to enhance resilience to climate change and disasters in ways that contribute to and are embedded in sustainable development.

With three strategic goals in mind.

Latest News & Events

  • Webinar 10

    Webinar Series 10 – Climate Resilience - Pacific Youth Pathway to COP26

    The 2021 Pacific Resilience Meeting recognized that youths are actively engaged in building resilience communities. It also recognizes that young people will be the lightning rod of the Pacific, therefore youth voice is instrumental to decision making and policy development.

    This webinar had the following objectives:

  • PR

    Priorities for Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Finance Identified

    A regional approach is helping Pacific countries to strengthen their financial protection against disasters

  • Coloring Kids

    Creative competition for climate resilience awards emerging Pacific talent

    A total of 20 emerging youth artists, poets, and filmmakers from across the Blue Pacific have been recognised in creative competition documenting climate change and resilience.

  • Webinar 9 Flyer

    Webinar Series 9 – Towards Strengthening Local Humanitarian Action

    COVID-19 has instilled a renewed sense of urgency in the need to support local and national actors. This was evident during the recent Tropical Cyclones and with travel restrictions and border closures across all Pacific countries, local communities and national governments relied on their own capacities.

  • Webinar 5 Flyer

    PRP Webinar Series 5: Stories of Resilience, Recovery and Solutions in Contexts of Internal Displacement

    Our 5th and final webinar for the year 2020 was held on Thursday 3rd December with over 50 participants. The webinar shared experiences and stories from the region on internal displacement caused through climate change and disaster related events.

    Click here to view recording.

  • Webinar 6 Flyer

    PRP Webinar Series 6 – Evidence to Impacts: Addressing Data and Knowledge Gap on Internal Displacement in the Pacific

    Our 6th Webinar in the PRP Series is scheduled to be held on Thursday 21st January 2021 at 1pm Fiji Time. This webinar continues the focus from Webinar 5 on Internal Displacement unpacking issues, gaps and challenges around data and knowledge while also exploring some of the best practices to address such gaps.

Useful Resources

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  • Check out Shamil Ali, winner of the poetry competition on TV


Get Involved

The PRP is an open-ended partnership and it provides members with a vast array of opportunities to strengthen resilience action. Membership requires no subscription fee and is voluntary; however, formal affiliation is required.