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Welcome to PRP

The Pacific Resilience Partnership (PRP) is the umbrella implementation mechanism for the Framework for Resilience Development in the Pacific (FRDP) and was established in 2017.

The FDRP provides high level strategic guidance to different stakeholder groups on how to enhance resilience to climate change and disasters in ways that contribute to and are embedded in sustainable development.

With three strategic goals in mind.

Latest News & Events

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    Joint Press Release- Pacific Regional Consultation on Internal Displacement

    Pacific Governments Call for Urgent Action on Disaster Displacement in Light of the Climate Crisis

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    Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific

    The Pacific Islands Forum Leaders in 2016 endorsed the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific: An integrated approach to address climate and disaster risk management for more resilient development in the Pacific (FRDP).

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    Localisation agenda must be renewed to strengthen humanitarian work amongst local actors in the Pacific

    The climate crisis is an ever-growing concern for the Pacific Region, and the importance of local aid organisations to be prepared for, and respond to crises, is at an all-time high.

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    PRP Webinar Series 8 – Pacific Regional Food Security Assessments, Projects and their Local Outcomes

    Pacific Island Countries and Territories food security is facing a multitude of risks with adverse impacts on nutritional value, availability and accessibility of good quality diverse food products.

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    PRP Webinar 1: Laws and the Pandemic

    The first of the series held on 25th August 2020 featured national officers from the frontline of their country’s response measures, particularly national disaster management and legal offices, through the PRP Risk Governance Technical Working Group who shared experiences and lessons learned from their response measures to COVID-19 and TC Harold.

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    PRP Webinar 3 – Expect the Unexpected: The Rainy-Day-Saving Approach

    Our third Webinar from the Pacific Resilience Partnership Series successfully concluded on 27th October 2020. This focused on increasing understanding and emphasizing the importance of strengthening the financial resilience of countries against disaster.

Useful Resources

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    This report provides implementing tools for the Pacific Resilience Partnership’s Research brief on land tenure and climate mobility in the Pacific region.1 The research brief recommended measures to incorporate land tenure into climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk management (DRM) in the Pacific region.


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    Using Traditional Knowledge To Inform Planned Relocation For Pacific Islands Communities

    Among the range of options available to households and communities on Pacific Islands impacted by climate change and related disasters, relocation has emerged as a last resort. A field of research has emerged to better understand “climate mobility,” from migration to other islands, to the relocation of entire communities to higher ground.


    The scope of this study is planned community relocation, and how the knowledge, values, and relationships (referred to collectively here as “traditional knowledge”) of community residents in Pacific Islands can and should shape planned community relocation. Read more...

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    Resilience Development Financing in the Pacific - The PREP Experience

    Strengthening resilience for PICs is therefore critical given the highly uncertain future they now face. Targeted investments in resilience building are therefore critical. Priority areas of investment that include the need to strengthen disaster early warning and preparedness, and to mainstream disaster risk and climate change into development planning and financing in PICs.

    Recognizing these critical needs, the World Bank provided an opportunity for targeted resilient development and engaged with three PICs; Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), Tonga, Samoa and two regional organizations; the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the Pacific Community (SPC) to implement the Pacific Resilience Program (PREP).

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    Resilience Financing - The Tonga Experience

    The purpose of this report is to capture the key learning from the Tonga DRF experience for the purpose of strengthening awareness of the drivers of comprehensive resilience including that of financial protection.

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Get Involved

The PRP is an open-ended partnership and it provides members with a vast array of opportunities to strengthen resilience action. Membership requires no subscription fee and is voluntary; however, formal affiliation is required.