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Why join the membership?

Successful implementation of the FRDP depends on robust and genuine partnerships between Pacific Island countries and territories, national and sub-national governments, communities, citizens, non-government and civil society organisations, private sector entities, sub-regional, regional and global partners.

The PRP will bring together different stakeholder groups and communities of practice working on climate change, disaster risk management and sustainable development to:

  • Document and share information, experiences and lessons learned;

  • Harmonize and strengthen linkages between all levels of implementation from sub-national including communities, national, sub regional, regional and international levels;

  • Undertake regional coordination, including cooperation on project development and implementation;

  • Support monitoring, evaluation, reporting, learning, and communications; and

  • Identify and address gaps as well as strengthen linkages, tracking and reporting against the SAMOA Pathway, Framework for Pacific Regionalism and other agreements/frameworks, such as, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction and the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

More coordinated effort is required to create an enabling environment for building resilience through which multiple actors including government, civil society, the private sector, development sectors (e.g. agriculture, water), local level government, science and technology sectors, traditional leaders and community groups and others are able to connect, cooperate and collaborate. PRP’s emphasis is on enabling more people, more interests, to be involved and to have ownership of the resilience agenda.

Types of Membership

Members of the PRP typically fall within the following categories of stakeholders and all are equal members in the partnership:

  • National and local government

  • Civil society at regional, national and sub national level

  • Private Sector at regional, national and sub national level

  • Sectoral/Interest Groups, Networks and Committees at regional, national and sub national level

  • Regional and international organisations

  • Faith-based organisations

  • Media

  • Academia

  • Development Partners

  • Donors

  • Multilateral Development Banks

  • UN Agencies

How to Join

PRP Affiliation – Update

The PRP is an open-ended partnership. Membership requires no subscription fees and is voluntary. However, formal affiliation is required to ensure full commitment and accountability to the intent, principles and objectives of the FRDP and PRP

To affiliate to the PRP, please indicate your interest by filling out this form. Your application will go through an assessment process and you will be duly advised of the outcomes of this assessment process.

PRP Affiliation – PRP Charter

At the PRP Taskforce meeting in November 2019, the Taskforce endorsed a 9-point strategy to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the PRP as the implementation mechanism for the FRDP.

The development of a PRP Charter is a key part of the 9-point strategy and provides clarity on what the PRP is and the roles and obligations of its members. A copy of the PRP Charter is available on the link below.

We aspire for our Pacific people, our societies, economies, cultures and natural environments to be resilient to changing conditions and extreme events resulting from climate change, climate variability and geological processes to enhance the well-being of our people and to promote their sustainable development.

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