PRP Webinar 15: Launch of the Pacific Nationality Report

Webinar 15

This webinar focused on the Pacific Nationality Report.

Disasters and other impacts of climate change are already displacing millions of people each year. Pacific countries and territories are especially exposed. The Future of Nationality in the Pacific: Preventing Statelessness and Nationality Loss in the context of Climate Change is a ground-breaking new report that provides the first in-depth look at the legal risks of statelessness and nationality loss in the Pacific as climate change hits.

The report finds that under current laws, some Pacific Islanders who move abroad permanently risk losing their citizenship, or the ability to pass it on to their children. Entitlements such as voting or standing for office play a powerful role in ongoing connection to home, even for citizens living elsewhere.

The report provides concrete recommendations for Pacific governments to safeguard the nationality rights of their populations, and to protect connections between people and place, now and into the future. 

This PRP webinar is being organized by the Pacific Resilience Partnership Technical Working Group (TWG) on Human Mobility in the context of increasing climate and disaster risk. It will be an information and knowledge sharing webinar on work that is being done that is closely tied with the TWG-HM work and objectives.

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You can view the recording here.